Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Haunted Mansion Holiday Lenticulars

In honor of Haunted Mansion Holiday, I thought I'd share some HMH collectibles for the month of October.

First, let me say that I love the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. I loved it outside of the Haunted Mansion, but never collected any of the myriad of collectibles available. Of course, that all changed once the two were married into the spooktacular attraction that is Haunted Mansion Holiday. We decided to only collect those items that were directly related to the Mansion. The Haunted Mansion Holiday Events were the best sources for some cool stuff, but you can still find items at Disneyland today. In fact, most of the Haunted Mansion souvenirs available at Disneyland are, indeed, Haunted Mansion Holiday.

So here are a couple of pieces that were available at the Haunted Mansion Holiday Event in 2002 and 2003.

"Inspired by the changing portraits in the hallway of the Haunted Mansion, these lenticular portraits create the illusion of magic as they transform from season to season." -Event Merchandise Brochure

The first one here is the "Jack" measuring 21" x 18" (framed) and limited to 150 pieces. (Click on the images to view larger)

The following year they released "Oogie" measuring 19" x 16" and limited to 120 pieces.

I'm particularly fond of the Oogie print because the colorful bugs that make their way across the pumpkins.

I'm also fond of this print because I gave it to Sam for Christmas several years ago completing his Haunted Mansion lenticular collection.

There is one other Haunted Mansion Holiday lenticular, but I'll save that for another post, primarily because I ran out of light, and the pictures were crappy. But also because it is the one HMH lenticular we're holding on to. These other two lenticulars will be going up on ebay tomorrow. I wanted to share with you fine folks first. If you're interested in purchasing one or both of these pieces, please email me at hauntedmansioncollectibles@gmail.com.


M.Gracey said...

Thanks alot! The Jack Lenticular looks AWSOME!

Haunted Mansion Collectibles said...

Glad you like it! I'm sure it went to a great home!

DanielPatrick said...

How much did these retail for do you know? Thanks!Also do you have any for sale? I can paypal.