Saturday, November 22, 2008

Master Gracey

We have a Master Gracey hanging in our collection, but it had been awhile since I really admired this piece.  This piece is a fan-made lenticular that I came across sometime ago and was fortunate enough to acquire 2!  We left one in its original form, and cut the other to fit an oval frame.  The oval frame is still packed up, waiting for its new location, but we came across the original, uncut piece and it really is amazing!

email subscribers..check out the blog for a cool video clip of Master Gracey!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Moving news...

So for the past 3 weeks, we've been moving.  Doesn't that just sound ridiculous?  It feels even more so!!  We are lucky that we can take our time to move, but frankly, I think its better to just get it done and over with in one shot.  

I'm pleased to report that none of the larger, more delicate collectibles were damaged in the move.  Knock on wood.  Seriously, someone knock because I'm sure I just jinxed myself.  :) We've moved all of the framed art pieces, all the big figs, all the lenticulars, and of course, all of our favorite pieces.  We still have all the little chotskie pieces to pack, and hopefully that will be finished this weekend.  It feels so strange seeing the collection dispersed around the house in such ordinary places  - a gargoyle and stanchion hanging out in our closet, stretching portraits resting along the wall next to the dog kennel, a bride and her ghostly beau sitting on the kitchen table.  I can hardly wait to redecorate!

Now onto the really fantastic, super-duper, its-about-friggin-time-news!  Sam was offered a job and the best part is that his commute to work is less than 10 minutes!!  We are so thrilled! We're still waiting for the official compensation package, but Sam was informed that the company was extremely impressed and looking forward to having him on their team.  That team, by the way, is Perot Systems.  Thank you Ross Perot!!  Life is looking brighter and I know everything is going to be ok.  Thanks again for all your encouragement and prayers!!  

I'm still getting to the many emails from all you wonderful readers. I promise I will be sharing your pics and answering your questions just as soon as I can.  I also want to say that all the items I had up for sale, here and on ebay, have sold!  The revenue from these sales helped to keep us afloat.   Not only did the all the pieces go to great homes, but I got a chance to meet some great people!   Please stay in touch and I look forward to seeing pics!!