Monday, August 25, 2008

The Transformation of Master Gracey Lenticular Pin

"I don't collect pins. I don't collect pins. I don't collect pins."

That was my mantra for the longest time...until I saw this pin. If you don't know by now, Sam loves his lenticulars. Its a sickness, really. He saves them off of cereal boxes, kids toys, junk mail mailers, and of course, anything related to the Haunted Mansion. When I saw this piece on ebay a few years ago, I watched it like a hawk and I couldn't believe it when I won the auction. The good news is, this pin is in excellent shape. The bad news is the box is no longer available. Last year, during spring cleaning, I threw it away! I was making space for other things and I remember saying to myself, "self, you will never get rid of this pin, so why are you holding onto the box?"

Never say never.

This pin is now for sale. **UPDATE** Listed on ebay. See the listing here

Limited Edition of 250 pins: The Transformation of Master Gracey Lenticular Pin by artist Ron Burrage for the WDW Happy Haunts Ball in October 2002.

The pin is a big boy at 3.75" x 2.25". It is encased in a hinged black shadow box, ready for hanging, that measures 11" x 8'. The lid opens up to reveal the lenticular pin, surrounded by cardboard 3-D curtain and fireplace, creating a dramatic and eerie backdrop for this fabulous pin.

Might I add that this little sucker is a tough guy to capture on video and in photographs. The reflective quality of the shadow box proved challenging in all my shots.

email me at

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Scary Hitchhiking Ghosts

One of the more unique pieces in our collection originated from the Haunted Mansion Comic Book franchise. One of the artists for the comic book, D.W. Frydendall, had a booth at the Black Market for Bat's Day promoting the comic. Something came over us when we saw this piece...we had never seen any Haunted Mansion art take on a darker, more sinister look and we were drawn to it. We made an offer for this one of a kind piece, he thought we were nuts, and he may be right, but we were thrilled when he agreed.

This piece is a huge at nearly 4 feet across and 3.5 feet tall and is mounted on foam board, making it very light for hanging.

We've loved displaying this piece in our home, using it during the Halloween season in our large picture window to scare the bejeezus out the kidlets. Now we are offering it up for other Haunted Mansion fans to enjoy. As far as I know, this is the only one of its kind. Shipping could prove tricky, but the great folks at my local UPS store are awesome and will figure it out. If you're interested, please shoot me an email.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bankruptcy:Thy Name Is Disney

I remember seeing that catchy title on sometime ago during a discussion about the merchandise release for Disneyland's 50th birthday celebration. I partook in the discussion...partook.. ha ha that is a funny sounding word, and joked about how I would use my kids' college money to get the items Sam and I so desperately wanted. Chill out, Internet, I was just kidding, of course. My kids were going to have to pay for their own college anyway. I didn't take any money from them. :)

But the sad reality of my current situation, is that Sam has been unemployed since February, and while we had savings to hold us over for a few months, that has come and gone (and then some) and we are now bankrupt. For the first time in the 10 years of home ownership, we were not able to pay the mortgage on our house and I realize that the collection with which I have surrounded myself, no longer means anything if I don't have a roof over my family's head. Maybe this was the big lesson I was meant to learn in life. Whatever. I get it now. Lesson learned. Can we move on?

I will be selling certain items of the collection, starting with the Maid and Butler costumes that are pictured in this post. How much has changed in a few short months, back when we thought that we were meant to move to New Hampshire.

Anyway, I want to give my readers a chance at the collection first, because it is far easier to part with pieces when I know they are going to a loving home. (Sounds like I'm adopting out a pet, sheesh!) :)
If there are no serious offers, then I'll probably put them on eekbay, but seeing as how I'm pinching every penny, I'd rather not have to go there. For serious collectors, you might know me as Leotas Child on Doombuggies, so you know I'm an honest collector.

Please email me at with offers on the maid and butler uniforms. Serious offers only, please.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Haunted Mansion Merchandise has really outdone themselves this year with Haunted Mansion themed Halloween home decor.

It seems the folks at recognize that Haunted Mansion fans are infatuated with the Hat Box Ghost, so this year they were sure to not disappoint with a release of a poster.

That's right, folks. A vinyl poster...

It looks as though they recycled the concept art from the Hat Box Ghost Big Fig they released a few years ago, when still loved their Haunted Mansion customers and came out with real merchandise.

I don't mean to sound so sour. Its just that I've come to depend on Disneyshopping to provide the coolest Halloween merchandise for Haunted Mansion fans, and it seems in the past couple of years, the merchandise has lacked creativity and durability.

Here are some other releases for this year.

Tombstones - All these tombstones were released in previous years, but in the past, they all had a plug in light which provided an eerie glow. This year's release eliminated the light feature, which brought down the price a bit, but also lowered the wow/creepy factor the original tombstones had.

I'm not positive, but I wonder if the size is smaller as well. I'll have to pull out the tape measure to confirm.

At any rate, I should be glad that there is anything at all. Who knows, maybe this is just the first round of merchandise. If you've shopped with Disneyshopping at all, you're probably familiar with the fact that often items are released in stages.

Should I be worried to see what they come up with for the 40th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Extinct Attractions Doombuggies Swinging Wake DVD

I'm so pleased to hear that the Doombuggies Swinging Wake DVD by Extinct Attractions is here! This DVD highlights the events from the 10th Anniversary Swinging Wake, along with the special get-together at the Napa Rose with the Disney Legends, including the late Harriet Burns, Bob Gurr, Blaine Gibson, and X Atencio. Neil Patrick Harris was also present. Who knew he was Haunted Mansion freak like the rest of us? :)

You can check out a preview of the video here. Just scroll down a bit.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Snowglobe and a No-Go

OK, So the name that collectibles game was a flop. I'm sitting here, red-faced and feeling the heat from embarrassment coming thru my pores...

while listening to the crickets chirp....

But I can't just leave the question floating around out there like Madame Leota's head.. juuust in case there is that one guy or ghoul who is dying to know... what was that mansion collectible?

If you were thinking the teeny tiny mini mansion snowglobe thingy.. you were right!
try saying that 5 times fast.

This cute little gem plays Grim Grinning Ghosts; it almost sounds like a midi file, and honestly I can tolerate listening to it once every 6 months or so. But I love the little bats that swirl around the Hitchhiking Ghosts, so I find myself picking up this piece quite often just to give it a shake. We bought one several years ago, and they are still available at Disneyland for $12.00.


On a personal note, Sam and I decided that right now is not the time to move to New Hampshire. He is still looking for work, and sending resumes to companies in New Hampshire, but that dream is on hold for now. Sam just had an interview for job working help desk, of all things, and was turned down for being overqualified. His spirits are low and he is very frustrated, so please keep good thoughts for my husband while he is going thru this very challenging time.