Saturday, June 21, 2008

Olszewski Disney Pokitpals

Thanks for the emails friends! I appreciate all the suggestions on packing up the collectibles, especially the one that saves me all the packing and I give everything away to a certain unnamed Haunted Mansion fan. Yeah, that gave me a chuckle. Laughter is good, though, during these stressful times. It seems that everything is in order for the move...well, almost everything. You see, there is this one teeny-tiny detail that hasn't quite worked out... but its just a little thing, really. The little thing called a J.O.B.! But more about that later, because right now there is this other teeny-tiny thing I need to share that I'm sure you're all more interested in anyhow...

A few weeks ago Sam and I picked up this nifty little piece called a Pokitpal by famed miniaturist Robert Olszewski. Bonus points to anyone who can tell me how to pronounce Olszewski. Is it Ol-che-ski or Ol-sews-ki? Help me out here, please!

The Haunted Mansion Stretching Portrait Pokitpal is part of the second series released for Disney. This piece is finely crafted with nice detail all around. See for yourself.

Is this Pokitpal actually stretching.....?

Or is it your imagination?

Pay no attention to the chubby fingers...

This piece is just so cute! I only wish they had done the rest of the portraits, as I'm sure every other Haunted Mansion fans wishes. HINT HINT Olchestki, Olshesski, Ol...UGH! I love your work, Robert, and please forgive me for not knowing how to pronounce your last name.

This piece is also special because it will probably be the last Haunted Mansion piece we'll be getting for awhile, with the impending move. Besides, we have to save up to head back to the Mansion for the 40th, so there will be no more buying for awhile! But never fear, there are plenty of other pieces for us to share, that is if we don't sell. Can you believe it? Sam and I actually discussed selling our lenticulars to help fund the move. *gasp!* That is how desperate we are to move to New Hampshire. Thank goodness Sam came to his senses and halted that thought. We'd rather sell our furniture and first born before we sell our Ghost Ship!

Ya'll know I'm kidding about the first born... no hate mail, please! :)

So wish us luck that the right job comes along for Sam! We're thinking about sending him out there without us to get a jump start on things.