Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ghost Ship Lenticular

The story behind how we acquired this lenticular has to be my favorite. As some of you know, Sam loves lenticulars, I mean, really loves 'em! We had collected all of the other lenticulars made by Disney for the various events. This particular lenticular was captivating collectors and getting top dollar on ebay to the tune of $2400!! It seemed this lenticular had suddenly become everyone's holy grail and Sam was no exception. He was searching ebay daily, almost hourly for newly listed items.

After seeing how often sellers were mislabeling collector items, Sam decided to broaden his search of 'Ghost Ship Lenticular' to 'Pirate Ship Lenticular'. Not too long after, low and behold, we were notified of a lenticular that had been misidentified but was indeed the ghost ship! We watched the auction like a hawk. So desperate were we for this piece, we contacted the seller, begging her to sell it to us, offering her as much $$$ as we had available on a credit card. Thankfully, she declined, saying that she enjoyed watching auctions, and had a feeling that this was going to fetch her the big bucks. Feeling defeated, we went back to daily checks, but noticed that the number of views wasn't rising that rapidly. We became hopeful again, that maybe, just maybe, other Haunted Mansion fans wouldn't catch wind of this auction. As the seconds slowly ticked away during the final minute of the auction, we placed our bid, and prepared to snipe if we had to. We both sat there holding our breath as we hit the refresh button over and over again. As that final second approached, the price never moved and suddenly, it was ours! Just like that and for half of what we had originally offered the seller! We couldn't believe our luck!

This piece was offered at the Haunted Mansion 30th Anniversary Event at Disneyland. It was labeled Limited Edition, and I had heard that only 75 ( or so) were made.