Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bankruptcy:Thy Name Is Disney

I remember seeing that catchy title on sometime ago during a discussion about the merchandise release for Disneyland's 50th birthday celebration. I partook in the discussion...partook.. ha ha that is a funny sounding word, and joked about how I would use my kids' college money to get the items Sam and I so desperately wanted. Chill out, Internet, I was just kidding, of course. My kids were going to have to pay for their own college anyway. I didn't take any money from them. :)

But the sad reality of my current situation, is that Sam has been unemployed since February, and while we had savings to hold us over for a few months, that has come and gone (and then some) and we are now bankrupt. For the first time in the 10 years of home ownership, we were not able to pay the mortgage on our house and I realize that the collection with which I have surrounded myself, no longer means anything if I don't have a roof over my family's head. Maybe this was the big lesson I was meant to learn in life. Whatever. I get it now. Lesson learned. Can we move on?

I will be selling certain items of the collection, starting with the Maid and Butler costumes that are pictured in this post. How much has changed in a few short months, back when we thought that we were meant to move to New Hampshire.

Anyway, I want to give my readers a chance at the collection first, because it is far easier to part with pieces when I know they are going to a loving home. (Sounds like I'm adopting out a pet, sheesh!) :)
If there are no serious offers, then I'll probably put them on eekbay, but seeing as how I'm pinching every penny, I'd rather not have to go there. For serious collectors, you might know me as Leotas Child on Doombuggies, so you know I'm an honest collector.

Please email me at with offers on the maid and butler uniforms. Serious offers only, please.