Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Haunted Mansion Merchandise has really outdone themselves this year with Haunted Mansion themed Halloween home decor.

It seems the folks at recognize that Haunted Mansion fans are infatuated with the Hat Box Ghost, so this year they were sure to not disappoint with a release of a poster.

That's right, folks. A vinyl poster...

It looks as though they recycled the concept art from the Hat Box Ghost Big Fig they released a few years ago, when still loved their Haunted Mansion customers and came out with real merchandise.

I don't mean to sound so sour. Its just that I've come to depend on Disneyshopping to provide the coolest Halloween merchandise for Haunted Mansion fans, and it seems in the past couple of years, the merchandise has lacked creativity and durability.

Here are some other releases for this year.

Tombstones - All these tombstones were released in previous years, but in the past, they all had a plug in light which provided an eerie glow. This year's release eliminated the light feature, which brought down the price a bit, but also lowered the wow/creepy factor the original tombstones had.

I'm not positive, but I wonder if the size is smaller as well. I'll have to pull out the tape measure to confirm.

At any rate, I should be glad that there is anything at all. Who knows, maybe this is just the first round of merchandise. If you've shopped with Disneyshopping at all, you're probably familiar with the fact that often items are released in stages.

Should I be worried to see what they come up with for the 40th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion?


Anonymous said...

I purchased the Haunted Mansion Bride in '06 and have only been able to enjoy her that one year. The heart stopped working and you are unable to open it to see what the problem may be because of the way she is sealed. I am very disappointed. The other 3 tombstones seem to be working fine, I hope. I haven't unboxed them yet for this Halloween. Would you know of any possible sites I could go to for help? THANK YOU!

red999 said...

I resently saw a light house of the Phantom manor on ebay. I missed bidding on it and cannot find any info on it anywhere. Does anyone know anything about this item or where I can get one?