Monday, August 25, 2008

The Transformation of Master Gracey Lenticular Pin

"I don't collect pins. I don't collect pins. I don't collect pins."

That was my mantra for the longest time...until I saw this pin. If you don't know by now, Sam loves his lenticulars. Its a sickness, really. He saves them off of cereal boxes, kids toys, junk mail mailers, and of course, anything related to the Haunted Mansion. When I saw this piece on ebay a few years ago, I watched it like a hawk and I couldn't believe it when I won the auction. The good news is, this pin is in excellent shape. The bad news is the box is no longer available. Last year, during spring cleaning, I threw it away! I was making space for other things and I remember saying to myself, "self, you will never get rid of this pin, so why are you holding onto the box?"

Never say never.

This pin is now for sale. **UPDATE** Listed on ebay. See the listing here

Limited Edition of 250 pins: The Transformation of Master Gracey Lenticular Pin by artist Ron Burrage for the WDW Happy Haunts Ball in October 2002.

The pin is a big boy at 3.75" x 2.25". It is encased in a hinged black shadow box, ready for hanging, that measures 11" x 8'. The lid opens up to reveal the lenticular pin, surrounded by cardboard 3-D curtain and fireplace, creating a dramatic and eerie backdrop for this fabulous pin.

Might I add that this little sucker is a tough guy to capture on video and in photographs. The reflective quality of the shadow box proved challenging in all my shots.

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