Sunday, November 18, 2007

I love fanmade!

Haunted Mansion fans are the best. We love all aspects of the ride, from the music and art, to the details in the furniture, walls, and haunted halls. If there is a way for us to capture a piece of it, or recreate it...we're all over it! For some of us, its not enough to have a few Haunted Mansion trinkets scattered around the house; we have to recreate the house, or rather the mansion!

Do I dare admit, my husband and I are just those kind of people? Our collection started in the living room, with just a few items. In fact, we considered them to be seasonal and only brought them out for Halloween. It was my friend, Nat, who suggested that I leave my collection out all year long. So, yeah... I blame her! LOL In a few short years, the collection has taken the over the house. It was also my dear friend Natalie who painstakingly drew and hand cut several stencils to recreate the Rolly Crump inspired Demon Eyes wallpaper in the Corridor of Doors. And it is my favorite of the fanmades!!

Its a work in progress, but I have made progress and just as soon as its finished, I'll be posting more pics.


I found two more fanmade items that Natalie made that I also just LOVE!

Haunted Mansion slippers!!! I love how she pays attention to details, down to the little bat on the bow. I'm so glad the weather is getting cooler, so I can pull these out of the closet and wear them!

And here is the other amazing piece she made us for Christmas one year. Its a faux stain glass piece and this picture just doesn't do it justice. Unfortunately I don't have access to all my pictures at the moment, so I had to pull this from my photobucket account.


giddygirlie said...

I love these - and how inspiring too! I made some "Disney nerds" sweatshirts for me and my 2 best Disney pals and mine features the hitchhikers on the lapel. I thought you might be interested to see: