Friday, January 25, 2008

Haunted Mansion reopens 2008

In honor of the mansion opening today, rather than sharing a collectible, I decided to share the latest little upgrade to the mansion itself! It has been over a year since we’ve stepped foot inside our favorite tomb sweet tomb. The Mansion looked and sounded great! As I had suspected, we did find some new additions with the reopening. While not a major upgrade like we saw with the Florida refurb in 2007, sometimes its the little things that can make a big impact. The loading, unloading and upramp conveyor belts have all been given a custom, intricate scroll paint job. Much nicer than the faded directional arrows from the early days. This new walkway keeps more in character with the house, almost like a endless magical carpet inviting you in.

One other interesting note, while Sam was photographing the mansion exterior, he was approached by two young ladies, asking if they could take a picture of his tattooed legs. That's a first!


M.Gracey said...

WDW always had those bats stenciled onto the ramp, I dont know which one i like better.