Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Haunted Mansion" print by Jim Crouch

One of our most recent additions to our ever growing collection is the Haunted Mansion print by Imagineer Jim Crouch. This print is pretty incredible in that it showcases many of the fans' favorite characters from the mansion. I love how the duelists look more sinister, perhaps in part because they are staring more directly at you, rather than out of the corner of their eyes. The entire print has a darker feeling to it, which I love. The original oil painting is sold, but the print is still available at Disneyland, or was the last time I checked.. and at a very reasonable $35.00. I would pay that much for the double mat alone, with its custom looking design that adds to the overall drama to the piece.

Ghost Relations Dept. shared that Jim Crouch was the face of one Constance's doomed bridegrooms. Don't you just love the perks of being an Imagineer? You get to make a cameo appearance in Disneyland's most haunting attraction scene. Jim also put his work in another favorite Disneyland attraction - the Pirates of the Caribbean, in the pirate portraits that line the queue walls.