Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Name that Collectible!

Greeting Guys & Ghouls!

I just feel terrible about the lack of posts lately! You've all been too kind with the emails of encouragement about the move, and the fact that Sam STILL does not have a job. He's trying to go out to New Hampshire by himself to stay for a week to find a job, and somehow, someway, we'll.....follow? Ugh. I don't really like the sound of that, but the man's gotsta getta job!

I mean, seriously. How else are we going to continue our little obsession...especially with the 40th around the corner. Come on people! We need to stimulate the economy here!

Oh, and paying the mortgage would be a good thing, too. See? I have my priorities in order. :)

Ok, so I took some fun shots of this next collectible and as I was picking out the pics I wanted to use, this idea for a game came to me. If it doesn't work, eh.. we won't do it again. But it could be fun. So let's try it!

*in a loud Michael Buffer-style voice*

NAME.... THAT..... COLLECTIBLE-ble- ble-ble.....


So the first person who guesses correctly gets....nothing! Except for my deepest gratitude for playing and utmost respect for your knowledge of Haunted Mansion Collectibles! And if you complain that there is no prize, can I please direct your attention to the beginning of this post. Thank you very much!



EMU said...

dammit, i wanted to play just never got around to it PLEASE do another

M.Gracey said...

Yea you should do it again! : )