Thursday, January 22, 2009

Haunted Mansion 40th Event Registration Fiasco

The day of the Haunted Mansion 40th event registration, a friend of mine facebooked that she was spending the day at the "Happiest Place on Earth." I had just spent the last hour and half trying to register for this highly anticipated event, and out of complete and utter frustration and sadness I responded with "Oh yeah, well give the Mouse a kick for me."

I thought I had better explain myself. And I do not advocate kicking any of the Disney characters... some might hit back.

So I'm not really mad at the mouse, just the company he represents. Would you believe that Disney Event Services would only allow one person per registration for the Haunted Mansion 40th event? Basically what that means is, there are a lot of married folks, family and friends who were not able to purchase all their tickets at the same time, leaving some people out of the event. Registration was online; only so many people could get thru at one time and the servers couldn't handle the influx of requests. I have friends back east who have planned a family vacation around this event, but Dad didn't get a ticket, or daughter didn't get a ticket. What are they supposed to do now? My friend's husband didn't get a ticket. While Sam and I were lucky enough to get a ticket, it wasn't for the package we wanted, so we don't get to attend the dinner and seminar with many of our friends. (I am grateful to have something, but missing out on the entire event is terribly painful. I've waited for this event since I missed the 30th Anniversary all together.) So.. yeah... I was a little miffed at the mouse. But its not really Mickey's fault that the people running Event Services are so damn Goofy!


M.Gracey said...

Nice use of disney Characters! ;)