Friday, May 8, 2009


Happy Friday! Today is a good day! I'm excited to announce, in a triumphant voice, the winners of my first ever giveaway...way...way....

Yes, I feel triumphant that this giveaway wasn't a complete flop, and that I do have some readers who are willing to open up and share and PARTICIPATE!! Thank you. You made my day!

So here are the winners of my first ever giveaway!

You know, I was just realizing that we didn't really showcase the fabulous prize we're giving away today, so I'm sure you won't mind if we take a quick moment to share photos of some really good looking models wearing the Haunted Mansion Mickey Ears. Sam has been officially fired.

Here's my daughter Tannis... much easier on the eyes... speaking of eyes.. just look at hers!

But wait, this post isn't about how fabulous my daughter is. It's about this awesome prize. Of course, the iconic Hitchhiking Ghosts sit front and center.

Take a closer look at the cute little bats embroidered on the hat.

And since I'm an equal opportunity photographer (and mother) I had to get some pics of the boy. Yes, that is what we call him 'round these parts. The boy. And boy, oh boy, is he cute!

Well, cute in a "Mom, you better not take another picture of me," kinda way. He's just gonna have to get used to it. I can't help myself.

Ok, ok.. enough braggin on and on about my kids. Onto the announcement you've all been waiting for!

The winners of the Haunted Mansion Mickey Ears are.......

Ok.. so I have a confession. When I saw that there were 6 entries, I really couldn't bring myself to pick only 4. I couldn't just leave 2 fans hanging there...yeah, its my sensitive side rearing its ugly head again..

So You're All Winners!!

*applause, applause*

cmlegnax, bRENDAN, M.Gracey, MainstreetMom, gimmepig, and loosetoon are all going to receive their very own, brand spanking new set of Haunted Mansion Mickey Ears.  I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, so before I freak out over the cost of postage, send me an email at with your name and address and I'll send your prize.

I sincerely thank you for playing along and I hope you enjoy your prize!


gimmepig said...

From the household of "Gimmepig", I want to thank you ever so very much!!

The "Ears" will be worn proudly! And what generosity! You are a most gracious "GHOST-ess" !!!!

Thank you! Thank you a thousand times!!!!!

Haunted Mansion Collectibles said...

You're welcome a thousand times!!! Thanks for participating!

Be sure to check out our new home at

loosetoon said...

Thanks a bunch! I do have a huge noggin, but I think they will do nicely on the Gus Big Fig!

coin said...

Thanks!!!... thanks for the info...